JGA Philosophy

Introduction through Access. Developing the next generation of golfers using a foundational approach combining the quality of one-on-one instruction, the newest in simulator technology, and year-round access. These three ingredients we believe not only provide the beginner a managed and valued introduction, but the opportunity to advance the goals of the junior player with higher ambitions.  

Divots JGA is successful because of the design and flexibility of the golf program in our quality facilities, allowing for students to have more autonomy in their training program.

Divots JGA provides access to a strong team of golf coaches with years of aggregate experience who encourage individualized swings, with extensive use of cutting-edge technology and performance games to enhance the coaching experience.

Divots JGA golf program emphasizes the value of a healthy physical body as well as a clear and confident mental state of mind. Providing the players an opportunity to exercise the value of consistency and determination not only with the game of golf but the application to their everyday life. 

Year-Round Programs

  • Camps (different levels offered)
  • Individual or private instruction
  • A Golfers Body and Mind program
  • Clubs and equipment exchange program
  • Accreditation course: Qualifying those for our Corporate sponsored “Team Divots”
  • Tournament play (both virtual and outdoors)
  • The “road to a College Golf scholarship” program

Divots Junior Golf Academy will make golf accessible for those interested in the game through a qualifying scholarship program, provided by Divots Golf, removing the financial barrier for those in need, allowing an opportunity for all.

What You’ll Find Here:

Scrolling below, you will see our current informational flyers for upcoming sessions, and a tiered outline of our JGA sessions with upcoming registration links as available.

Divots Junior Golf Academy
Divots Junior Golf Academy

New Sessions Coming Jan 2023

​Divots JGA golf is returning​ to Moses Lake, WA​ in January!​ Kick off the new year and ​g​et ready for spring with hands-on​ and immersive​ instruction​. ​
Get the most out of virtual golf by developing confidence, having fun, and growing the game.​ Lead instruction is overseen by retired PGA Pro Owen McClain! ​

Divots JGA – Tiered Offerings

The Game

In this 6-week course, made up of 12 one-hour sessions (2 sessions per week), students will learn the basics of golf, the simulator technology, and proper golf etiquette indoors and outdoors. Players will gain a basic understanding of how to hold a club, an awareness of stance and distance, and a general comprehension of how a golf swing works that will introduce them to the challenges of hitting a golf ball.

Focus: Limited to 16 spots
Price: $125.00 per golfer (includes t-shirt and 12 sessions)

Course Ready

During this 6-week course, 12 one-hour sessions (2 sessions per week) will focus on technique and power. Course Ready will be limited to small groups per instructor per simulator so that the players get the much-needed repetition of swinging the club at each lesson. Players will be introduced to and practice with all clubs. Players after this camp will develop enough confidence and skills to be ready to play through 9 holes, indoors or outdoors.

Focus: Limited to 12 spots
Price: $250.00 per golfer (includes t-shirt and 12 sessions)

  • Payments available – Pay 1/2 up front and 1/2 after 3rd week!
  • 15% discount for multi-sibling enrollment
  • 15% discount for consecutive camp enrollment

League and Tournament Play

This course will take place over six weeks, offering players a combination of one hour of instructional or practice time each weekday, followed by league play the following Saturday. This will focus on the continuation of skill development mixed with a competitive round of golf through our designed league play. Video and Swing analysis technology will be provided and used to assist in the process of developing top level swing mechanics. Top two finishers of each league play, for each age group, will qualify to try out for “Team Divots”. 

Price: $300.00 per golfer

  • Payments available – Pay 1/2 up front and 1/2 after 3rd week!
  • 15% discount for multi-sibling enrollment
  • 15% discount for consecutive camp enrollment

  • Registration coming soon

Team Divots

Divots Golf will partially sponsor this team, team members, and will present opportunities to play local as well as travel and play on some very notable courses. Divots Golf will be hosting several virtual tournaments that “Team Divot’s” players will be qualified to participate in. This team and players will be focused on developing and preparing the player/athletes for collegiate golf play and scholarship opportunities as well as Junior and Pro Tour play. 

Price: TBD

    Long Drive

    This is a 6-week program that will focus specifically on developing the player/athlete for competing in the sport of “Virtual” Long Drive competitions. A specific attention will be focused on strength, technique and Power. Divots Golf will hoist and provide very competitive events throughout the year. 

    Focus: Small individual groups of up to 3 players per instructor per simulator
    Price: $250.00 per golfer