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Work on your game using the highest-quality and most flexible simulation engine on the market at Divots Golf!

As we were launching the first Divots Golf location in Washington, we chose to use TruGolf Apogee as it offered a cutting-edge, accurate, and immersive virtual golf experience for golfers and non-golfers alike.

Now with two locations spanning the PNW, we are convinced that TruGolf is a leader in the market and appreciate the continued support we receive from the TruGolf team, especially for our more remote location. 

Combined with E6 CONNECT, TruGolf has mastered the virtual golf experience and is committed to continuous improvement in a fast-changing and competitive industry. A growing course menu, impressive statistical analysis, and upgrades help Divots Golf keep pace with industry trends.


Meet APOGEE – the newest camera-based Launch Monitor from TruGolf, designed and built in the USA.

APOGEE is a launch monitor that measures Ball and Club data without use of specialty balls or marked clubs.

Built with a new array of vision algorithms called INSTANT IMPACT, APOGEE’s onboard processor provides a lag-free gameplay experience, erasing any gap between ball-strike and simulated flight.

The ceiling mounted system measures: Ball Speed, Back Spin, Side Spin, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Direction, Club Head Speed, Club Face Angle, and Club Path.

Second to its accuracy – APOGEE is the easiest Launch Monitor to own and use.

APOGEE is sold standard with the APOGEE Laser Indicator, “Hey APOGEE” Voice Control, Point of Impact Replay, and the APOGEE CONTROL CENTER.

The APOGEE CONTROL CENTER is a smart software system that Automatically Calibrates your launch monitor – so you spend less time working and more time playing.


Divots Golf has multiple simulator bays that measure an impressive 16 x 9 feet​.​

Standing in the middle of our hitting surface during a flyover of a hole makes you feel like you’re in a helicopter 30 feet above the ground. The spin around the green at the end of the​ virtual experience​ will leave you grabbing onto anything you can.

Lifelike realism at its best. You’d never know you weren’t looking out your back window at the fairway. ​At​ Divots Golf, many people enjoy the ​immersive ​scenery just for the reflections on the gently rippling lake, the rustling trees and the floating clouds.


Many simulators can act as a driving range. What truly separates the best is chipping and putting. Our system is so unique and accurate that we’ve filed for a patent.


In terms of turf, our system offers a more realistic experience. A cushioned feeling comes from the “fairway” hitting surface, which is more than an inch thick. It’s not as shock-inducing as hitting into the ground on a driving range. In terms of putting, we have a completely different green surface​ in Anchorage and Moses Lake​ that allows for a true roll, just like a normal green​.​


At Divots Golf, we use E6 CONNECT simulator software to give you the most immersive and enjoyable indoor virtual golf experience possible. Below is a sample list of our courses. Coming soon E6 Apex!

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