Divots Golf in Anchorage

Divots Golf in Anchorage, Alaska uses the cutting-edge Apogee Launch Monitor simulator technology that captures the direction and speed of not just the golf ball, but each golfer’s swing, paired with top-of-the-line E6 CONNECT software that offers players a fully immersive indoor golf experience.

With more than 100 worldwide courses to play and nearly a dozen games, guests can enjoy playing golf indoors year-round, no matter the temperature, season, or inclement weather.

Guests can expect an inviting atmosphere, dedicated play on high-tech simulators, and a selection of beverages and snack-cart fare to enjoy while watching sporting events on big screens. Leagues, events, celebrations, and more make Divots Golf the place to be whether playing for recreation or training! 

* Unfortunately, at this time the State of Alaska has denied Divots Golf in Anchorage a beer/wine license due to the unique nature of our small business. That means that until this changes, beer and wine cannot be served at Divots Golf, and this includes BYOB. Please plan your visit accordingly and support local where you are able to! *

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Winter hours beginning October 1st, 2023